1. Why Use Mackie Plumbing and Gas?

    1. Industry low prices on labour and parts
    1. We use the most advanced and latest Blocked Drain Technology on the market
    1. All MPG vehicles are fully equipped and stocked with general maintenance items
    1. Professional Service by experienced plumber
    1. All our tradesmen are friendly, professional and tidy
    1. Family owned and family orientated company
    1. Same day service for HWU and blocked drains
  1. 24/7 Emergency Call Outs

2. Will it be a licenced tradesman who comes to site?

All MPG plumbers hold plumbing and gas licences. In the event any subcontractors are engaged by MPG they all hold licences for their respective fields. Further to this all of our tradesmen have Police Clearance Certificates

3. How long do jobs take?

Please note these times are based on average times for jobs;

Clearing Blocked Domestic Drains; The average household drain is generally cleared within one hour.

Dripping Taps/Leaking Toilets; >1 hour

Gas Leak; investigating the cause and source of the leak means that times for leaks is completely variable and we are unable to put a time limit on leaks.

RPZ/Backflow Testing; 1 – 1.5 hours (test only, not replacing or installing a new meter)

Burst Pipes; Generally within 1 – 2 hours, however this is variable based on the area of burst and quality of pipe.

Roof Leak; Generally within 1 – 2 hours, however this is variable based on the area of the leak.

Renovations; all renovation jobs are booked after consulting with one of our staff, during the quoting process they will be able to give you an indication on how long works will take and the stages of your renovation that plumbers will attend.

Hot Water Units; depends on the install type and valves required

4. What are our payment options?

Mackie Plumbing and Gas request same day payment for jobs, once your job is complete MPG will send an invoice to your nominated email address and the tradesman on site will take your credit card payment using mobile EFTPOS machines, cash or cheque, alternatively you transfer funds using our banking details and provide proof of payment to the office email.

In special circumstances MPG will enter into payment plans with customers, the terms of all agreements are settled prior to work being undertaken by our tradesmen.

Mackie Plumbing and Gas reluctantly reserve the right to charge administration fees for any overdue invoices, or late payments of any agreed installs as part of a payment plan, as per our Standard T&Cs

5. How frequently should I service my Hot Water Unit?

Mackie Plumbing and Gas recommend your hot water unit be serviced every three (3) years for optimum use. Regular servicing and maintenance of your Hot Water System ensures that the unit stays in the best condition to elongate its running time and remains energy efficient.

MPG will provide a reminder to our customers for all units we have installed when servicing is due.

6. How much will a blocked drain cost to clear?

Due to the variable nature of blockages, it is impossible to quote for repairs/drain clearing over the phone. The average household drain is generally cleared within one hour. Once our tradesmen are on site they will be able to give a better indication of the machinery required for clearing your drains and estimate how long the job should take.

If you have reoccurring issues with your drains we recommend that our drain specialist put the drain camera down the drains to highlight problem areas and provide you with a drainage plan moving forward.
Please see our drains page for more information on the machinery we use and how we can clear your blocked drain.

7. How are blocked drains quoted?

All Mackie Plumbing and Gas quotes requiring digging of any nature are made with the assumption that all of the soil being dug is of reasonable excavation matter, ie. Ease of excavation as required by hand digging with a shove. Quote doesn’t allow for root or rock bound soil, services in the ground making the quoted task more difficult than anticipated pre-excavation or anything in the ground which makes digging more difficult than what was originally anticipated when quoted. In the presence of any of the items mentioned above making excavation more intensive than anticipated Mackie Plumbing and Gas are entitled to charge their additional labour spent digging at their hourly rate and on-charge the use of any machinery or plant if required.

Unless indicated, the quote doesn’t include the removal of old earthenware pipe or PVC. Whilst Mackie Plumbing and Gas will make their best endeavours to re-instate all performed excavation to its original state, we take no responsibility for any damage to fauna, plants, garden, grass, reticulation or solenoid wiring, or any unexpected damages caused by digging.

8. What is the warranty provided on MPG’s work?

MPG provides 6 years warranty on all water.

Mackie Plumbing and Gas guarantee all of their drainage work for a minimum of seven (7) years. MPG can only guarantee drainage installed by us and don’t warrant any existing drainage unless specifically mentioned in the quote.

We will action any manufacturer warranty’s for MPG supplied materials, if you report the problem to us we will then liaise with the manufacturer on your behalf.

MPG provides a 50 year product integrity guarantee on all ‘MPG Pipe Relines’.

Mackie Plumbing & Gas accept no responsibility for Client supplied goods and materials. Any call back caused by malfunctioning or fault of materials supplied by the Client will be charged to the Client. Similarly, any warranty queries with Client supplied materials must be raised with the manufacturer or place or purchase by the Client