Car Wash Down Bay

To avoid costly fines and possible business shut down it is imperative that the correct processes are in place for the disposal of trade waste from vehicle and machinery wash down areas in your business.

Mackie Plumbing will consult with you to build and design a purpose built wash pad system to suit your requirements, including shape, size and configuration needs.

Our car wash bay systems are developed for safe and practical washing of cars, trucks, buses and a variety of machinery, including;

  • Car park cleaning wastewater collection
  • Car Washes
  • Mobile mechanic spill prevention
  • Road maintenance equipment wash down
  • Vehicle maintenance facilities

Mackie Plumbing offers a comprehensive range of solutions for discharging waste water including;

  • Oil Water Separator Systems
  • Drive Over Buning
  • Portable Wash Bay systems and wash pads
  • Cleaning and chemical control systems
  • First Flush Diversion Options

Contact MPG to discuss your existing car wash pad or any future car wash bay requirements your business requires.