Aged Care Plumbing


MPG are aware of the special working arrangements required for working and engaging with vulnerable parties including children and aged.

As a company we promote the view that every customer interaction is an opportunity to create favourable and lasting positive impressions of an organisation that cares. MPG undertakes the following initiatives to promote a positive culture of respect in all forums of our lives at work;

  • Show tolerance and respect for all persons we come in contact with, including their age and gender, their beliefs, their property, and possessions.
  • Celebrate diversity and make a visible effort to be inclusive of others, irrespective of their differences.
  • Be respectful of less fortunate including people with disabilities, limited mobility and disadvantaged.
  • Treat all customers with dignity and respect
  • Work closely with our supply chain partners to identify and adopt innovations and new materials which improve performance, and better practices to improve our respective operations and customer service.
  • When working with vulnerable people be aware of their situation and make all efforts to give them peace of mind, required space and understanding.

MPG works with Aged Care Facilities to promote the independence and safety of the residents by offering various mobility aids, plumbing solutions and engaging with customer driven technologies to improve customer experience and service.

Mackie Plumbing provides support for financially disadvantaged customers including offering senior discounts on labour.

MPG can provide planned and scheduled maintenance systems in line with manufacture and plumbing servicing requirements to ensure effective running of your Aged Care facility at minimal disruption to the residents, staff and visitors.


Plumbing standards state water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees at the point of delivery for Aged Care facilities to avoid risk of scalding.

MPG offers ongoing maintenance, warm water regulators and hot water solutions in line with the specific plumbing regulatory requirements for Aged Care facilities to ensure full compliance for the safety of the residents.


Due to the requirement for warm water regulators in Aged Care facilities there is increased risk of legionella, as the water is prevented from reaching temperatures which would kill the bacteria. MPG can test and pasteurise the system to ensure ongoing compliance through regular monitoring and servicing.


As we move towards a COVIDSafe Australia and physical distancing measures are eased around the country, special restrictions will remain in place for aged care facilities to protect older Australians. Mackie Plumbing works in line with our Aged Care providers to comply with all Covid requirements including;

  • providing details on our current health status to staff of the elderly and residential aged care facilities we work with
  • are willing to undergo fever screening process prior to entry
  • washing our hands before entering and leaving a resident’s room
  • maintaining 1.5 metre distance
  • MPG tradesmen all have current 2020 Influenza vaccines.


Mackie Plumbing and Gas’ values as per our Mission Statement (Document MPG010_MISSION STATEMENT) are;

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Respect and Accountability
  • Safety
  • Innovation

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