Pipe & Drain Relining

Our blocked Drain specialists use the following drain clearing technology;

  • Drain Machine and Electrical Sanitary Snake
  • Hydrojetter/High pressure water jetter
  • 60m CCTV drain camera
  • Sonar Detection
  • Relaying Drains
  • Sucker Truck and Waste Management

Why Choose MPG?


Mackie Plumbing and Gas offer a trenchless solution to main or sectional repairs to drains and pipes using Epoxy relining technology.

Once MPG have used our range of drain clearing equipment to clear your drains, we will run our CCTV high definition drain camera through the drains to locate problem areas and quote to reline damaged sections of pipe/drain.

We can complete repairs on 40mm – 100mm diameter pipe ware.

MPG provides a 50 year product integrity guarantee on all ‘MPG Pipe Relines’.

How Relining Works

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MPG Reline Process

Three stage process

Drains Cleared – Drains are cleared using a drain machine or hydrojetter (high pressure water jetter)

 Balloon Inserted;

  • Custom made balloon/bladder is inserted into drain through an inspection opening or access point and positioned in damaged sections of pipe
  • Once the liner is in place the bladder is inflated using compressed air
  • Pressure from air moulds resin into pipe, filling cracks and damaged pipe

Epoxy Sets – Once cured and set the balloon / bladder is removed from drain leaving the reline structurally sound

MPG Relined Pipe – MPG provides a 50 year product integrity guarantee on all MPG pipe relines.

MPG Case Study

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Recreation Centre / Complex

Pipe Reline under Basketball Court

Requirement – Drains on site continuously blocking due to tree root intrusion. NB: drain fall sufficient on site. Two (2) 2.5m and 3.5m long problem areas located internal to building, under basketball courts. To avoid cutting up basketball courts and heavy excavation MPG provided MPG reline option. Relining is a trenchless solution to main or sectional drain repairs and pipes using an epoxy reline technology.


Blocked Drains Caused by Tree Roots

Traditional drain clearing does not always treat the root of the problem, in particular properties that experience ongoing issues with tree roots blocking drains will benefit from pipe reline solutions.

The most common cause of blocked drains are pesky tree roots, root enter the drains through hairline cracks or damaged areas in pipes and drains in search of water. Drains offer the perfect camping ground for roots offering a constant source of water and nutrients. Over time they work their way through the pipes trapping debris flowing through the drains slowly causing blockages. Ignoring warning signs of blockages including gurgling sounds from drains, slow draining showers, toilets and sinks and overflow from grates can result in more extensive drain repairs and work.

Mackie Plumbing recommends regular drain maintenance to prevent blockages and maintain the integrity of your drains and pipework.

In the event tree roots are an inconvenient and reoccurring issue on your property contact Mackie Plumbing to discuss our pipe relining options for a permanent drain solution.

For all your plumbing and blocked drain requirements contact Mackie Plumbing for fast and immediate relief