Our Values


MPG Initiatives;

  • Work with honesty, transparency and integrity
  • Work co-operatively to provide a consistently high standard of work using our best endeavours to fix the job first time, every time, by implementing best practice whilst complying with regulations, standards, and manufacturers’ requirement
  • Acknowledge the importance of developing and/or maintaining open and meaningful lines of communication with clients, workmates, suppliers, subcontractors, and authorities, and being prepared to resolve disputes together in an open and timely manner
  • Work in line with our Continuous improvement program that will continue to reduce ongoing costs for customers.


MPG Initiatives;

  • Engaging our staff and participating in continuous improvement programs for individuals and the Company
  • Employing the correct personnel for the task
  • Inducting and training methods for remaining up to date in our skills and market relevance
  • Understanding and auditing the impact of suppliers and contractors we engage
  • Building and constantly improving the service we supply to customers and clients through stringent auditing, quality control and improvement methods
  • Remaining up to date with the social and environmental impact of our actions and business practices


  • Show respect for the environment and natural resources and actively promote the efficient and economical use of resources and renewable energy at all opportunities.
  • Apply a total commitment to the perpetuation of the plumbing industry through structured training and education of our staff and by involvement in industry organisations.
  • Remain committed to continued education to maintain cutting-edge knowledge of the trade and to remain leaders in every service and with every manufacturer.
  • Participate in and attend Plumbing and Water Saving Conventions, training sessions and seminars to remain on the front foot of plumbing, water and gas innovation


  • Endeavour at all times to work in a safe, hygienic, clean, and tidy manner and leave every job clean and tidy
  • Strive for all paperwork to be legible, comprehensive, accurate, and intact.
  • Proactively seek to identify hazards and reduce the risk of injury and harm by investigating all reported incidents, near misses and hazards in a timely manner and take appropriate actions to prevent a re-occurrence.
  • Everyone in the workplace has a role to play in their own development and safety, others development and safety and the progression of the company


MPG initiatives;

  • Show tolerance and respect for all persons we come in contact with, including their age and gender, their beliefs, their property, and possessions.
  • Celebrate diversity and make a visible effort to be inclusive of others, irrespective of their differences.
  • Be respectful of less fortunate including people with disabilities, limited mobility and disadvantaged.
  • Treat all customers with dignity and respect
  • Role model customer excellence and remember the customer in all decisions, thoughts and actions.

MPG Commitment;

  • Ongoing commitments to donating and sponsoring not for profit organisations, charities and foundations which strive to make a difference in the lives of people in our community and working towards improving environmental impact and social/community support.
  • Sustainable Business practices, click here for more information