Blocked Shower

Our blocked Drain specialists use the following drain clearing technology;

  • Drain Machine and Electrical Sanitary Snake
  • Hydrojetter/High pressure water jetter
  • 60m CCTV drain camera
  • Sonar Detection
  • Relaying Drains
  • Sucker Truck and Waste Management

Why Choose MPG?


Blocked shower and sinks are a frustration none of us want to deal with, not only are they inconvenient but can also be unhygienic. If your property is experiencing slow draining or blocked showers contact Mackie Plumbing and Gas who will dispatch our drain clearing specialists to provide a prompt solution to your drainage problems.

Common Causes of Blocked Showers

  • Hair
  • Soap and detergent build up
  • Foreign objects causing obstructions including hair elastics and cotton buds
  • Poor pipework installation with non-compliant fall

Call Mackie Plumbing and Gas the drain clearing experts for any bathroom drainage issues and blockages.


Blocked Kitchen Sink

Kitchen blockages tend to be a build up of food, grease and fats washed down the sink over time. Using home DIY clearing methods are generally ineffective in breaking up these build ups and can also cause chemical and erosion damage to your pipes.

Common Cause of Blocked Kitchen Sinks

  • Food scraps
  • Oils/fats/greases which solidify in pipework
  • Foreign objects causing obstructions including plastics, food and drink lids and packaging

For all your plumbing and blocked drain requirements contact Mackie Plumbing for fast and immediate relief