MPG provide a comprehensive range waste water management and water recycling services for all domestic, commercial and industrial properties across Perth. There has been recent renewed global attention on how we treat non-renewable world resources, as a result local councils and the Department of Health have been reviewing their policies on long term sustainable water processes, what has previously been a grey area and different between local councils is looking toward a more uniform approach to water practises.

MPG has worked extensively with local councils and the Department of Health in implementing, upgrading and installing;

  • Oil Water Separators;
  • First Flush Systems;
  • Chemical Control Systems, including pH Control, Chemical Dosing and Water; Disinfection Systems;
  • Sewer Pump Systems;
  • Storm Water Pumps; and
  • Wash Bay Systems

to assist in the treatment and filter process of stormwater and sewer systems using industry compliant equipment.


Mackie Waste Management (Carrier Licence T01065) provides waste and liquid waste services to all residential, commercial and industrial customers. (Bulk Controlled Waste: J, K, L, N, T100 and T120). We are fully licenced with all regulatory bodies including the Department of Environmental Regulations for the safe and effective disposal of waste materials.

Mackie Waste equipment and operators work to the highest standard and hold all required Waste Licenses for safe disposal. We are fully equipped to remove liquid and sludge from a range of waste streams, including oils, sewage, sludge and industrial process waste. All Mackie plant and equipment are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure full compliance, minimise risk and in line with safety requirements.

All waste collected by Mackie Waste Management is disposed of at a Water Corporation approved waste facility, for processing and safe release into the sewer system line with local requirements. We also offer a 24/7 Emergency Waste service as required to assist with the rapid removal of unplanned waste. Our truck and operators are DEC licenced and have extensive training on waste management procedures, safety requirements and environmental obligations.


Mackie supplies and install rainwater harvesting and wastewater recycling systems suitable for a range of industries. Our customised designs minimise mains water consumption by offering a solution suited to the site and operation requirements by utilising run off water for reuse. Stormwater Harvesting captures and stores water otherwise washed into stormwater drains, increase mains waters savings and also provides ongoing savings on wastewater transportation/disposal. MPG’s rainwater harvesting systems have an 80 – 90% recycle water rate.


MPG, where practical, encourage a paper free environment. All of our office based services are online and we are mindful about encouraging staff to minimise printing and paper waste. We also work with plumbing suppliers for effective recycling of hot water and plumbing systems and fixtures by dropping our waste at recycling disposal centres.


Australian Conservation Foundation

Mackie Plumbing are proud to be members of the EarthVoice community and supporting the Australian Conservation Foundation. ACF is Australia’s national environment organisation, ACF is community created and passionate about systematic change, their four goals are;

  • Solving the climate crisis
  • Standing up for nature
  • Redesign our economy
  • Fixing the democracy

For more information visit the ACF website.

Aged Care Support

Mackie Plumbing are proud to donate to the following Aged Facilities;

Baptist Care, ACSA – Aged & Community Services Australia and ARV Foundation, groups and communities who offer care facilities for the aged in the community, including the following services;

  • Home Care
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Retirement Living and Community Housing
  • Home Care Services



Step Up to Clean Up Welshpool with Mackie Plumbing, 16 December 2019

MPG is proud to donate to Clean Up Australia, and are also are participating in a Clean Up Australia Day business event! Our beautiful environment is no place for rubbish and debris so we’re teaming up to clean up Welshpool on 16 December 2019. For more information, to donate or take part in the initiative please visit;


Waste disposal in Australia is a major problem; Australia generates approximately 48 million tons of rubbish annually, according to the data from the Department of Environment and Heritage, the waste generated by Australians comes from three main sources including municipal or household waste, industrial and commercial waste, demolition and construction waste.

MPG recognises that understanding and protecting the environment is critical. We continually strive to better manage and minimise the potential impact of our activities on the environment, our policies and practises align strongly with Green Cleaning Practises.  We minimise all environmental impact through careful consideration across all aspects of our business.