Oil Skimmer

  • 24/7 reliable oil recovery
  • skimmers that facilitate the removal of floating oil and debris from water
  • Weir, belt, drum, tube options
  • Meet Water Authority Standards
  • Oil removal rate up to 600L/hr
  • Customised options
  • Reduce Operating Costs

Applications for Use;

  • Mine Sites
  • Marine Environments
  • Workshops
  • Refuel areas
  • Construction Sites



Weir Oil Skimmer

Effective, continuous, efficient oil skimming

Belt Oil Skimmer

Oil removal rate up to 600L/hr


Drum Skimmers

Suited for clean up in water bodies including creeks, rivers and lakes

Tube Skimmers

Suited for removing oils and grease from the surface of water collected in tanks and pits.

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