Blocked Stormwater

Our blocked Drain specialists use the following drain clearing technology;

  • Drain Machine and Electrical Sanitary Snake
  • Hydrojetter/High pressure water jetter
  • 60m CCTV drain camera
  • Sonar Detection
  • Relaying Drains
  • Pipe Relining Options
  • Sucker Truck and Waste Management

Storm water drains are the collection point for household and business drain disposals, which can lead to blockages and overflows if oil, sludge and waste are allowed to accumulate.

Mackie Plumbing,  in conjunction with our Mackie Waste Management Team, have the ability to pump drains, soakwells and leach drains, and follow up with a high pressure water clean to ensure your drains are working to maximum capacity.

For older properties, or sites which experience repeated blockages MPG recommend annual jetting and clearing of the drains to minimise the likelihood or blockages. Preventing blocked stormwater through regular maintenance has certainly helped our customers avoid costly repairs and minimise drainage risks.

At MPG we have the means to pump, hold and dispose of your waste, and we ensure we operate in a safe and tidy environment.

All Mackie plant and equipment are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure full compliance, minimise risk and in line with safety requirements.

Mackie Waste Management’s (MWM) vacuum excavation truck offers quick and effective removal of all controlled waste categories 1-15, our truck and operators are DEC licenced and have extensive training on waste management procedures, safety requirements and environmental obligations.

Main causes of blocked stormwater drains;

  • Tree Roots
  • Pipe Damage
  • Build up of soil, leaves or household waste

We also offer the following vac truck services;

  • Concrete wash offs
  • Grease trap cleaning and maintenance
  • Septic tank cleaning and maintenance
  • Soak holes
  • Pooling water
Contact Mackie Plumbing and Gas to discuss any concerns you have with the current drainage plan at your property today or to organise a new drain solution.