Commercial Water Heating Systems

Mackie Plumbing and Gas supply, install and provide repairs and service for all Commercial Hot Water requirements.

MPG tradesmen are trained and experienced in small to large commercial operations.
Some examples of recent Commercial installs include;

Bosch Manifold Ring Main Hot Water System with UV Filtration


MPG designed hot water system to service 60 hotel rooms and a commercial kitchen in Perth CBD.

The existing system, not supplied by MPG tradesmen, was deemed non –compliant by Energy Safety.
MPG designed and installed a commercial grade manifold system for compliance.

The system implemented provides the customer up to 30% more gas efficiency that the previous system.
MPG worked with customer to project expected hot water use, the length of the main run and available gas on the property to size the system.

Scope of works;

  • Ran 80 meter gas main run to supply system
  • Sized and installed all of the flow and return lines
  • Installed a UV filter to prevent potential of Legionnaires’ disease entering water
  • Designed and specified flue of each individual system to meet mandatory regulations
  • Designed and fabricated a high and low vent as HWS installed were four (4) meters below FFL.
  • Undertook change over process from existing non-compliant system after 12am to ensure hotel/restaurant was not affected and there was no loss of trade or down time for the Customer.

Rheem Tanpac Manifold Hot Water System with back up Storage System

MPG sized and replaced the existing non-compliant hot water system servicing 22 apartment building.
MPG designed the Tanpac system with backup storage Hot Water System to support Instantaneous Hot Water System set up, to enable enough hot water supply during peak hot water usage times for residents.

Rheem Tanpac Solar Gas Boosted Commercial Hot Water System

New build in Perth CBD, with 90 residential apartments over ten (10) levels/floors.
MPG appointed replacement plumbers on new build after building experienced considerable problems with hot water and water pressures variation between floors. Original plumbing company for build is no longer in operation.

MPG adjusted pump settings and reconfigured the solar panels to maximise efficiency
Settings adjusted to ensure constant hot water supply to each individual apartment without temperature and pressure fluctuations.

MPG put processes and systems in place to prevent the reoccurrence of burst pipes due to incorrect original system installation and settings.