Emergency Station Annual Testing

MPG Annual Emergency Eyewash, Shower and Combined Unit testing in line with Australian Standards; AS4775-2007.

Plumbed emergency decontamination stations require at minimum annual scheduled servicing by registered plumbers to ensure equipment is maintained, to reduce sediment and stagnant water issues.

  1. Quality Control, Health and Safety Systems
  2. General Housekeeping
  3. External Conditions
  4. Working Condition of Emergency Eyewash and Shower Stations including “activation or flushing” and “flow testing”
  5. Quality Control

Following testing MPG will ensure your station is up to code, has compliant drainage and plumbed to standard.

In the event your system requires additional work to bring to standard MPG will provide a quote on repairs or replacement. Please use the below form if you wish for our office to contact you to schedule attendance for testing.

Emergency Station Annual Test

Alternatively, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us direct.