Macerator and Pumps

Where it is not possible or feasible to run drainage or waste water to connect into the main sewer a macerator and pump system can be used.

A macerator is a machine which reduces solids and waste to small pieces, it then pumps waste through a reduced pump size; from 25mm to 100mm, depending on the size and use of the macerator, to connect into the main sewer.

It is crucial to make sure the correct type and sized macerator and/or pump lifting station is installed to ensure waste water, sewerage or grease is disposed of correctly, incorrect use of macerators or overloading the system will result in malfunction and void the warranty of the system.

Factors the determine what macerator system should be used;

  • Commercial or residential use
  • Type of waste
  • Fixture units or expected loading on the macerator
  • Distance waste needs to be pumped vertically and horizontally
  • Warranty

Macerators can vary from an individual toilet set up to large scale commercial systems picking up as much as 100 fixture units.

Water Corporation Fixture Unit Rating Method to measure the load on a pump

Fixture Fixture Unit Rating
Steamer 1
Water Closet (Toilet) 4
Wok (per burner) 1
Hand Basin 1
Rinse Sink 3
Combi Ovens 5
Kitchen Sink 3
Double Kitchen Sink 3
Pot Sink 5
Double Pot Sink 5

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