Hydrojetting and Water Jetter

Our blocked Drain specialists use the following drain clearing technology;

  • Drain Machine and Electrical Sanitary Snake
  • Hydrojetter/High pressure water jetter
  • 60m CCTV drain camera
  • Sonar Detection
  • Relaying Drains
  • Sucker Truck and Waste Management

Why Choose MPG?


For more challenging blockages, including heavy grease and fat deposits Mackie Plumbing and Gas use our Hydro-Jet machines. Commonly referred to as a Jetter or water jetter, the machine uses high pressure water streams to clear blockages and clean pipes. The jetter’s high-pressure pump is delivers powerful jets of water required to clean drain and sewer pipes. A high-pressure hose is wound on a reel enabling the operator to retract the hose easily.

The high pressured water erodes most materials, including heavy grease and fat deposits and has a greater reach than conventional drain machines.

Benefits of Hydrojetting

  • Water pressure is not as aggressive or corrosive as acids/chemical cleaners so causes less damage to pipes/drains
  • The jetter has greater reach than conventional drain machines.
  • Drain machines primarily remove the actual blockage; hydrojetter is a much more comprehensive clean and will clean the walls of drains also.

Hydro Jetter

German made

5000 PSI Hydro-Jetter

High pressure water jetter

For all your blocked drain and plumbing requirements contact Mackie Plumbing and Gas for fast and immediate solutions.