Backflow Prevention & Testing

Backflow testing is imperative to ensure the prevention of water contamination.

This process is vital for protecting bathing and drinking water, and making sure it safe for human use.

Backflow can be prevented by the installation of an averting-valve, a one-way device that stops the backwards movement of water through pipes. These devices require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating correctly and their effectiveness has not deteriorated due to age or wear.

On all Commercial and industrial properties, that have Restricted Pressure Zone Device (RPZD) system installed, the Water Corporation require testing be carried out annually on the system by an accredited Backflow Testing agent, using a calibrated testing device.

Mackie Plumbing and Gas test and repair all backflow prevention devices, sized from 20mm to 300mm.

We also install RPZD devices on new builds and properties as required.

Mackie Plumbing and Gas is the expert in backflow testing throughout Perth, our experience gives us the expertise to perform this important service to the highest standards. If we discover issues with backflow, we have the knowledge and ability to rectify the problem, install the correct equipment, and make sure the water is safe for consumption and use. Our work is also in accordance with legal requirements and specifications by the Water Corporation.

Contact us if you receive a Water Corporation Backflow Boundary Device Test Report which requires actioning. Alternatively complete the online booking form and someone from MPG will be contact to organise site attendance.