Storm Water Pump Systems

Mackie Waste Management provide site specific stormwater pump stations with capacity between 100 – 30,000L. Our pre-plumbed stormwater stations are constructed using high quality polyethylene and fibreglass.


Stormwater Pump Station Uses and Applications

  • Residential and domestic developments
  • Industrial and business estates
  • Wash down bays
  • Car Washes
  • Storm water transfer stations
  • Storm water collection facilities
  • Storm water discharge of transfer facilities
  • Caravan Parks

Further to installing the stormwater pump stations Mackie Waste Management (MWM) offer maintenance and management services to ensure your pump station works at maximum capacity, delivering optimal performance during its lifespan.

In Western Australia home and property owners are legally obligated to confine stormwater run-off within the boundaries of their property.

Before the construction of any new building it is important that special consideration is given to store water run off as the result of the new building structure.

This includes considering any rainwater from the roof, above ground structures and paving/driveways, where previously it was soil.

Areas which are able to absorb water can lead to flooding, soil erosion and undermining of foundations.

What is a Soakwell? A soakwell/drainage system is an innovation which transports the flow of rain water travelling from a dwelling roof or impermeable ground into storm water piping and then to an underground tank/soakwell before dispersing into surrounding soil.

Mackie Plumbing and Gas, in consultation with local council requirements and regulatory bodies can design, size and install systems to ensure stormwater doesn’t cause an issue on your site.

MPG recommend planning your drainage system early in the design process to allow for excavator access and ensure there is sufficient room for soakwells and the distances required by local councils are adhered to, including minimum distances from footings and boundaries.

On bigger construction projects an engineer may specify a particular drainage and soakwell system to ensure the correct size piping, correct number of downpipe and grated lids and correct number and size of soakwells are installed.

Types of soakwells

  • Concrete Soakwell (Photo) with trafficable or non-trafficable lid
  • Polypropylene soakwell
  • Plastic with trafficable or non-trafficable lid

Factors which determine the size and type of stormwater system required;

  • Commercial use or residential use
  • Rainwater recycled vs dispersed
  • Roof space
  • Land space
  • Soil type
  • Water levels in area
  • Height above sea level
  • Trafficable or non-trafficable lids required
  • Trees and plants in the area (Root intrusion)

Typical sizes of soakwells

Soakwells typically range in size from 600X600mm to 1800mmx1800mm, however custom made larger installs can be made.

For More Information on Soakwell Solutions click here


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