What is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap is a holding tank designed to stop grease and solids from entering wastewater disposal systems, by separating the fats and grease from water.

Fats, oils, and grease accumulate over time, meaning your grease trap will require regular servicing and maintenance.

Any business that cooks or serves hot food is required, by the Water Corporation to have a grease trap, all wastewater from food preparation areas, floor wastes, kitchen sinks, and dishwashers are legally required in WA to flow directly into the grease trap.

What size (capacity) grease trap will my business need?

Water Corporation Grease Arrestor Sizing Retail Food

Types of Grease Traps

The type of grease trap required by your business depends on their use and location. They come in the following options;

  • Concrete or plastic
  • Trafficable lids (motor vehicles) or non-trafficable lids (foot traffic)
  • Above or below floor installations

To determine the most suitable grease trap install for your business please call Mackie Plumbing and Gas on 1800 622 543

How often will the grease trap need to be cleaned out?

Mackie Plumbing & Gas can provide customers with a customised comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program for Grease traps. Typical contracts provide for quarterly, half yearly or annual inspections and services, to ensure that your Grease traps remain working at an optimal level and prolong the product life of your traps and prevent unexpected blockages which can result in loss of business.

The frequency of servicing will depend on the capacity of the trap and the type of business they are servicing.

If you set up a preventative maintenance agreement with Mackie Plumbing & Gas, we will track your cleaning schedule for you and guarantee a Mackie Plumbing & Gas tradesman will be on site within a maximum of four hours if any emergency drainage problems occur during your contract term.

Contact us on 1800 622 543 to find out how our Grease Trap Preventative Maintenance Services can benefit your business.




Scheduled Maintenance Servicing Features Benefits
MPG Scheduled Services include;






  • Hydrojet main drain running to grease trap (photos provided of drains before and after)
  • Camera drain to inspect there is not a grease build up
  • High pressure clean internal parts of grease trap using 5000PSI nozzle and spray
  • Organise Grease Trap waste removal as required
  • Inspect IWASP to ensure water exiting trap is clear
  • As required, or instructed by Water Corporation organise suction and waste disposal of grease from a trap, followed by 5000PSI nozzle and spray to clear out and inspect tank.
  • Fill a clean tank with water.
  • RPZD annual testing and paperwork required by Watercorp]
Trained Service Professionals



Ensures that your Grease Trap is maintained to a high standard and promotes the longevity of the traps. Our tradesman will;

  1. Inspect and adjust your traps as required during scheduled appointments.
  2. Test product functionality
  3. Inspect parts for signs of abnormal wear and tear.
Prevents Build-Up Blockages and grease build up


The scheduled servicing is designed to address minor problems clear and camera your drains of all grease to ensure they don’t become an inconvenience to your business. Grease will build up over time and eventually lead to blockages which unanticipated can be very costly and also result in loss of trade, Hydro-Jetting regularly will ensure the drains don’t build up with grease.
Highlight any issues requiring attention with the Customer Our tradesmen will identify any service issues or parts that require replacing/major repairs and identify the best long-term solutions based on the history of the trap.
Service Log A service log is created and updated at each scheduled visit. The log includes photos before and after clearing.
Quotes for replacing large parts Our tradesmen will provide quotes for any large parts or replacements required that are not covered by our servicing.
Fast Emergency Turn Around Outside of your Maintenance Program MPG promise that in the event of a Grease Trap blockage or emergency we will be on site within four hours of being notified.

IMAGES: Installation of Commercial Grease trap as required to comply with Water Corporation Standards.