Vacuum Sucker Truck Perth

Perth’s Waste Removal Experts.

Mackie Waste Management’s (MWM) vacuum excavation truck offers quick and effective removal of all controlled waste categories 1-15, our truck and operators are DEC licenced and have extensive training on waste management procedures, safety requirements and environmental obligations.


MWM offers fast and effective removal of wet and dry waste products. Mackie Waste operators have extensive training on the safety and environmental factors of their job and are DEC licensed.

Our Perth vacuum truck loading (sucker truck) services include;

  • Concrete slurries and cement
  • Brick residue
  • Oils and, oily water
  • Sewage and septic
  • Loose soils requiring excavation

Vacuum loading areas includes;

  • Tank and vessel cleaning,
  • Clean-up of environmental spills, and
  • Interceptor pit pump outs

Mackie Waste have the capacity to schedule site attendance and vacuum works according to your business requirements, whether it be a planned maintenance shut down or on an emergency basis our staff have the experience and expertise to handle your requirements.

We have the means to pump, hold and dispose of your waste, and we ensure we operate in a safe and tidy environment. As required Mackie Waste also have hydrojetting facilities for cleaning out pits and soakwells following suction.

All Mackie plant and equipment are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure full compliance, minimise risk and in line with safety requirements.

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At MWM we have the means to pump, hold and dispose of your waste.

Our plant and equipment are regularly serviced to ensure that your liquid waste removal jobs are finished in a prompt manner and your site is left clean and tidy following completion of works.