Emergency Eyewash and Shower

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Emergency Eyewash and Emergency Shower Stations

Immediate response on exposure to hazardous substances to the eyes are body is critical, delaying treatment, by even a few seconds, can lead to serious injury.

Even with good engineering controls and safety precautions in place accidental chemical exposure can still occur.

Workplace environments and industries with an inherent risk of chemical or hazardous exposure, including factories, on mining and building sites; in the health, defence, energy and petrochemical industries; must mitigate accidents by ensuring there are appropriate plans and equipment in place to comply with Australian Standards Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment (AS 4775-2007), to minimise the effects of accidental exposure and ensure the safety of their employees.

The nature of accidents in these industries can often be sudden and critical, so appropriate response(s) need to be delivered fast, effectively, and in strict compliance with AS 4775-2007.

Emergency Safety showers and eyewash stations provide on-the-spot decontamination, allowing workers to flush away hazardous substances that can cause injury.

Plumbed emergency stations require scheduled servicing  to ensure equipment is maintained, to reduce sediment and stagnant water issues. Contact Mackie Plumbing and Gas to discuss maintenance plans for emergency decontamination stations, as emergency shower and eye wash stations require an annual overall servicing/ routine inspections which  involves “activation or flushing” and “flow testing,” by registered plumbers.

Further to this MPG plumbers can ensure your emergency decontamination stations;

  • Comply with code AS 4775-2007
  • Are in the correct / accessible location to hazardous chemicals and workflow and in trafficable areas
  • Not contaminated by workflow
  • Provide correct drainage system for excess water, considering wash off may be considered hazardous waste, therefore correct wash down procedures may apply
  • Correctly plumbed and provide the correct flow rate, temperature and water pressure
  • Provide the correct quality of water

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