WA Hard Water

Hard Water

A common complaint from Mackie Plumbing customers is the taste of the water in Perth, this is due to a lot of areas in WA having ‘hard water.’

But what is hard water and how will it affect you?

Hard water refers to water with higher concentrates of calcium and magnesium salts, these are present in the water by the water moving through the rocks and soils. Unfortunately they are unable to be removed by filtration. Perth relies on groundwater picked up from WA soil, the level of minerals varies from area to area and is seasonal based on the variation of water supply.

Hard water does not cause any health problems, however the same can’t be said for your hot water appliances.

Hard water can seriously impact the longevity of hot water appliances in your property. Hard water causes your hot water system to block up, heat causes the calcium to crystalise, blocking your pipes and putting more pressure on the hot water system, to prevent scale build up on your hot water system it is recommended that you engage a plumber to regularly service your HWU. Regular hot water unit servicing assists in promoting the lifespan on your hot water unit. Contact Mackie Plumbing to organise a service on your HWU.

Studies have shown the scale build up from hot water units can reduce the service of plumber appliances up to 30%

Water softeners and scale reduction systems can remove hard water and minerals – they can be added on the mains line or alternatively on individual distribution points, like sinks. Contact Mackie Plumbing and Gas if you are in a hard water area to see what your options are for improving the hardness in your water supply and to organise regular servicing on your water plumbing.

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