Wash Bay Perth

Wash bays are purpose-built cleaning stations for cleaning vehicles and heavy machinery.

If triple inceptors or oil separators alone are not enough to get your wash bay to local authority standards contact Mackie Plumbing and Gas to customise a wash bay system for your business. Wash bays or wash pads are a great investment for your business and regular maintenance ensures maximum life expectancy for your vehicles and equipment.

Mackie Plumbing Wash Bays are specifically customised to your purpose in line with trade waste requirements and local water recycling codes.

Any business that washes vehicles on their premises are required by law to comply with relevant state and local water authorities, appropriately sized wash bays must meet requirements even if washing is only undertaken occasionally.

There are very firm requirements to conform with standards regarding the treatment and filter process of stormwater and sewer systems using industry compliant  equipment including;

  • Oil Water Separators
  • First Flush Systems
  • Chemical Control Systems, including pH Control, Chemical Dosing and Water Disinfection Systems
  • Sewer Pump Systems
  • Storm Water Pumps

Depending on local council there are set requirements for roofed or unroofed wash bays, Mackie Plumbing will liaise with council on your behalf and process all of the approvals required to ensure your design is compliant.