Wash Bay

Wash bays are purpose-built cleaning stations for cleaning vehicles and heavy machinery.

If triple inceptors or oil separators alone are not enough to get your wash bay to local authority standards contact Mackie Plumbing and Gas to customise a wash bay system for your business. Wash bays or wash pads are a great investment for your business and regular maintenance ensures maximum life expectancy for your vehicles and equipment.

Mackie Plumbing Wash Bays are specifically customised to your purpose in line with trade waste requirements and local water recycling codes.

Any business that washes vehicles on their premises are required by law to comply with relevant state and local water authorities, appropriately sized wash bays must meet requirements even if washing is only undertaken occasionally.

There are very firm requirements to conform with standards regarding the treatment and filter process of stormwater and sewer systems using industry compliant  equipment including;

  • Oil Water Separators
  • First Flush Systems
  • Chemical Control Systems, including pH Control, Chemical Dosing and Water Disinfection Systems
  • Sewer Pump Systems
  • Storm Water Pumps

Depending on local council there are set requirements for roofed or unroofed wash bays, Mackie Plumbing will liaise with council on your behalf and process all of the approvals required to ensure your design is compliant.

Mackie Plumbing Washbay Benefits

  • Authority Compliant – meets local and all regulatory standards
  • Quarantine Approved
  • Exceed Water Authority Standards
  • Available in permanent and portable formats
  • Retrofit options available into existing wash bay areas
  • Customised to suit your needs
  • MPG provide ongoing maintenance and servicing
  • Meet with your Duty of Environmental Care
  • Engineered for efficient performance

Applicable Industries

  • Mining and quarries
  • Car Wash or Industrial Car Wash Equipment
  • Workshops and factories
  • Industrial Equipment/Mechanics and Workshops
  • Vehicle Washdown
  • Truck Washdown
  • Service Stations
  • Quarantine Units
  • Transport Facilities/Companies
  • Airports



  • Consult with you to assess your Wash Bay Needs and Requirements
  • Design wash bay based on cost effectiveness & installation requirements
  • Work with Local Council and regulatory bodies for full compliance
  • Prepare professional CAD Hydraulic Design Drawings
  • Submit design and pay fees to regulatory bodies
  • Negotiate and liaise with Authorities in approval process
  • Modify designs as required by local council
  • Gain council approval to proceed

Hydraulic designs are compulsory requirements by Local Authorities for commercial projects. As every local council has differing requirements it can be a confusing process when designing the most effective and practical system, Mackie Plumbing take the confusion out of the design process and will liaise with council on your behalf to ensure that our system meets their running expectations and codes. Following completion of the design MPG will engage in the approval process, due to our vast experience in wash bay installs we are adept at knowing how to liaise and negotiate the best outcome for your design as projects can’t proceed without council approval.


  • In line with approval cost Wash Bay Equipment
  • Provide Full Wash Bay Equipment costs break down, including construction and supply/delivery costs
  • Supply Equipment Specifications, Warranty & Operation information as required
  • Commence product manufacture & procurement on receipt of payment
  • Coordinate site delivery

Mackie Plumbing in line with Council requirements will provide you with a concise breakdown of install costs and expected turnaround times so that you can best organise and schedule the running of your business.


  • Schedule based on site requirements the installation
  • Dispatch qualified installers to site
  • Install at minimum impact to your business
  • Full testing of installed system

Mackie Plumbing guarantees our work is conducted using strict Health and Safety methods and work practises, our tradesmen, your staff and property are of the utmost importance to us.


  • Complete work in line with local council, state and national regulatory bodies and AS3500 Plumbing and Drainage practices
  • Submit all plumbing and required documentation to relevant Authority
  • As required coordinate site inspections with local council for sign-off
  • Complete and lodge As-Con plans to WA Plumbing Board

Mackie Plumbing and Gas realise the importance of compliant systems on site and are very transparent in all of our dealings with customers/local and state authorities and councils. We have very successfully installed Wash Down Bays for various councils around the Perth metro and are well versed in the approval process and requirements for completing and lodging paperwork following install.


To discuss your wash bay requirements and take the headache out of the approval and design process engage Mackie Plumbing and Gas, we will simply and streamline the process for you and provide the most cost effective and efficient design and system in line with your business and site requirements.