Septic Tank Maintenance

Mackie Waste Management offer hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid waste services for commercial and liquid waste management, in line with environmental and safety standards and regulatory bodies.


The main function of a septic tank is to separate solids, grease and oils from the wastewater before entering the drainage system. Septic tanks, when installed correctly, work effectively for many years when properly maintained.

Sewage and effluent produce disease causing microorganisms and parasites, as such maintenance and clearing of septic systems must be carried out by licensed liquid waste technicians. The frequency of pumping and system maintenance is governed by mandatory guidelines in line with wastewater treatment tank regulations.

If septic tanks and ATU systems accumulate a build-up of solid and sludge over time separation is unable to take place, and the pits/tank must be pumped out, tanks should ideally never be more than two-thirds full.