Permanent Wash Bay

Permanent wash bays are fixed areas within an operation for the express purpose of washing vehicles, machines and/or heavy equipment. Permanent bays, like the name suggests, can’t be dismantled or moved on a regular basis and are permanent structures which offer on-going service to the site. It is imperative businesses adhere to the requirements of all regulatory bodies in their area to ensure compliance and avoid costly fines or business closure for failing to meet the size, function and processing of wastewater.

Compliance requirements differ between states, territories and local councils, however in a broad sense permanent washbays require the following components;

  • Pre-treatment device
  • Oil seperator
  • Silt trap
  • Perimeter bunding
  • Holding pit

In the event a wash bay does not require a roof a first flush system is generally required to comply with local water authorities.

Mackie Plumbing and Gas installed wash bays will collect and isolate wash water effectively, and when combined with storm water diversion systems for unroofed bays will ensure authority compliance. We will work with your business and site to accommodate size and weight requirements of your business.