Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU)

Mackie Waste Management provide site specific sewerage pump stations with capacity between 100 – 30,000L. Our pre-plumbed sewerage stations are constructed using high quality polyethylene and fibreglass for domestic, commercial, industrial and mining use.

Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU)

ATU’s are used in areas without available sewer and are an alternative to septic tanks or leech drain systems. The units are designed to break down human waste; involving aeration processes and disinfection, into liquid form to safe discharge into the ground.

As sewage and effluent carry disease it is hugely important for ATU system to function in accordance with regulatory body guidelines to ensure compliance.

ATUs contain a series of treatment chambers combined with an irrigation disposal system. The first chamber works in the same way a conventional septic tank does, where wastewater enters the chamber and solids settle. The waste undergoes anaerobic digestion and forms a layer of sludge on the chamber floor. Scum; oils/grease float to the surface and the wastewater flows to the second chamber.

In the second chamber liquid is mixer with air which then breaks down the bacteria to finer organic material.

The third chamber then allows the setting of suspended solids which are then transferred back into the first chamber.

The clarified effluent from the third chamber is then considered successfully disinfected, generally by a chlorination process in the fourth and final chamber.

Disposing of Effluent

ATU’s require regular servicing under health legislation and are required to be serviced every three (3) months. It is an offence under the Health Act to install or modify a wastewater system without required approval. Please contact Mackie Waste Management to discuss your ATU requirements, ATU installation or organise scheduled servicing and maintenance on an existing ATU.

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