Blocked Grease Trap

A blocked grease trap can cause huge unforeseen problems for cafes, restaurants and commercial kitchens. Grease traps and pumps which fail to perform can cause inflated shut down times, health and safety risks and huge financial implications.

A correctly installed drain/greasetrap rely on naturally occurring bacteria to assist in the breakdown of waste for free flow, too much waste, poor maintenance and not enough bacteria disrupts the flow leading to blockages and inevitably bad smells. If you are experiencing slow drainage or lingering smells from your drains or greasetrap it is generally an indication of blockages starting to form. Ignoring these signs can lead to blockages all the way to your leachfield or greywater trench. Contact Mackie Plumbing if you have noticed slow draining traps or drains or if you have any concerns about the processes in place. We certainly recommend a proactive approach when it comes to your business rather than reactive and being hit with downtime and unforseen health, safety and financial costs.

Mackie Plumbing will happily clear your blockage on site and offer obligation free ongoing maintenance plans to help you plan and grow your business.

The Importance of Grease trap Maintenance;