Blocked Drain Cleaning - Perth


Hair, grease, common household cleaning agents and foliage are common causes of blocked drains.


Mackie Plumbing and Gas provides Perth with 24 hour/7 day a week emergency drain unblocking with minimum fuss and at the least possible damage to your pipes.


MPG uses the latest and most advanced technology on market to service your drains.


Our vehicles are equip with the latest drain cleaning technology enabling us to visit your property fully equip, saving you money and time and enabling us to get your drains cleared faster.


Once we have cleared your drains our technicians will discuss with you the best way to maintain clear pipes.


Our blocked drain plumbers use the following drain clearing technology;




Drain Machine and Electrical Sanitary Snake


Mackie Plumbing and Gas use drain machines, also known as electric eels to cut through drain obstructions, including tree roots and fatty deposits. Drain machines use mechanical feed rotating cables and cutting heads to clear blockages in your drain.  Sanitary snakes come in various sizes and lengths depending on the size of the block, location and drain size.




German made, 5000 PSI Hydro-Jetter


For more challenging blockages Mackie Plumbing and Gas use our Hydro-Jet machines. Commonly referred to as a Jetter, the machine uses high pressure water streams to clear blockages and clean pipes. The high pressured water erodes most materials, including heavy grease and fat deposits and has a greater reach than conventional drain machines.



60 Meter CCTV Drain Camera


Mackie Plumbing and Gas use the latest CCTV camera technology to inspect your drains and diagnose any blockages or issues. Clear definition colour images and recordings enable us to easily identify blockages, defects and the condition of your pipes, while causing minimal impact to the pipes and surrounding environment. The camera footage enables our drain experts to come up with the best solution for fixing your drainage issue and maintaining future flow. Mackie Plumbing and Gas cameras have the ability to inspect blockages up to 60 meters away from any inspection openings.




Sonar Detection


Mackie Plumbing and Gas are able to locate blockages under concrete and turf using our Detection Sonar technology. Using electrical pulses sent out we are able to detect problems up to 15 foot underground without traditional digging. This enables us to fix the leak/blockage causing minimal damage to surrounding areas. 

Our ability to locate the exact location of the leak or blockage enables us to diagnose the and carry out effective permanent solutions.


Re-laying Drains


Mackie Plumbing and Gas provides traditional digging and relaying services for any size of domestic or commercial drainage system. Our staff have vast experience on excavation and digging machinery. Our industry low labour rates ensures that in the event there is a requirement for drains to be re-laid we will provide the most competitive service. Our staff will ensure the job is carried out at the least possible inconvenience to you, and we will leave your property in a neat and tidy state on completion of the work.



Grease Traps

Mackie Plumbing and Gas use a combination of our technology to clear your grease traps. Our Hydro-jetter machines have 8 different head sizes, which ensures the best clean possible. Please contact us to discuss your grease trap requirements.

Mackie Plumbing and Gas are specialists when it comes to blocked drain plumbers in Perth.We also provide Perth homes with a huge range of plumbing services included toilet installation, hot water systems including gas, electric, and instantaneous systems.





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